Friday, September 10, 2010

Patriot's Day at CMA

CMA Graduate Jacob Hauer shakes hands with a grateful Megan

This morning the children and staff of CMA welcomed some local heroes to our school. In celebration of Patriot's Day we gathered around the flagpole. On this day of remembrance we talked about three ways to celebrate this day and to remember September 11th. The first way was to think about our country. The children responded to this prompt with words like "freedom" and "happiness". The second way was to serve. The children had lots of answers for how they could serve others today. The third way was to say thank you to those who protect us and keep us safe. Our celebration was brief, sweet and happy. For us adults, we remember the pain of that day nine years ago, but in celebration with the children we were able to smile and know that our children are growing up as thoughtful citizens who love to serve and who express gratitude in the most magical way. Special thanks to our visiting heroes: Carl Blackwell (Dad to Camden and Myles), Jacob Hauer (Brother of Nick and son of Cheri), Jerry Kinebrew (Dad of Shannon), Tom O'Connor (Dad of Aidan, Brennan and Addison), and to Suzanne Casteel, Boyd Collett, Alan Guile, Randy Miller and Mark Thurman of our neighboring fire station with the Springfield Township Fire Department.

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