Friday, September 17, 2010

Independence Day

"Oh, how cute!" is one of the first things often said as we gaze into the toddler room. And, the indisputable fact is that they are cute, very cute. But upon a closer look, perhaps we should be gazing in and saying, "Oh, how independent!". After all these children have an amazing drive for independence and a strong motivational force that makes the exclaim: "I do it!" In our toddler program these traits are quite evident in our children who have recently mastered walking and can now focus on doing so much with their hands. These children can work on their own, eat on their own and to do so much more for themselves. They are also developing independent thought. Of course, many of us have heard young toddlers voice this independent thought with a strong "NO!". The infant and toddler staff are so patient as they listen to these voices of independence with respect and attention. After all, they recognize that for a toddler, every day is Independence Day.

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